The suitcases for your trip to Australia fill up quickly. Luggage limits for your flight are 20 -30kg in general, depending on the airline you are using.

Depending on type and quantity of the goods and the urgency needed, different solutions are available. There is no ONE solution. Everyone's situation is different and the amount you take with you and in which way depends on the particular circumstances and needs.


Swiss Post

For smaller amounts up to 20 - 30kg. Carriage time (3 - 19 days) and prices depend on the chosen option (urgent/priority/economy). For details check conditions and prices at Swiss Post international parcels (Australia is Zone 5).


Airlines Cargo Service

Luggage, boxes and goods like bicycles may be sent as 'unaccompanied baggage‘ via the Cargo Department of an Airline. 


Freight Companies/Moving Services

The cheapest way to move goods is sea-freight, which takes about 8 - 12 weeks from Switzerland to Australia. Prices are either calculated by volume or weight. Depending on what you want to move you might need a container (20Fuss or 40Fuss) or a few cubic meters in a consolidated container. A lot of companies offer whole packages (door to door service including packing and all formalities).


Whilst comparing the often confusing quotes from companies, pay special attention to the the following points:

  • max. volume or weight
  • carriage time (usually 8 - 12 weeks to Australia, time in customs and quarantine is often not taken into account resp. varies in each case)
  • who is packing, who is creating the inventory (mandatory for import)
  • who is paying the packing material
  • door to door service
  • insurance (different options)
  • costs of customs, quarantine and fumigation - and also who is carrying out formalities resp. attending if needed    
  • Terminal Handling Charges 

It is definitely worth comparing several quotes. Prices for the same services vary greatly. 



Ask your preferred Airline whether they are willing to grant you more checked luggage because you are 'emigrating'. It has happened and worked well before!