To Australia! Letters of an Emigrant.

Published 2016. Available as Kindle book on Amazon. By J.J. Locher and Roland Isler.

"An authentic report in plain language. This worthwhile read leads us into the hard life of an emigrant who is seeking work to escape poverty in his home country." (Remo Gysin, President of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, 2016)

"In 1855 Johann Jakob Locher wrote from Melbourne in Australia to his brother in St Gallen, Switzerland and described to him in plain language the scenes, towns and people at the time of the gold rush in Victoria. A revealing eyewitness account that offers the reader an insight into the life of a prospector in the early years of colonial Australia." (Amazon 2016)

The book contains a German transcript and an English translation of Locher’s letter with annotations. The author and publisher is Roland Isler, Council of the Swiss Abroad for Australia.