Getting to know people.

When emigrating as a couple or as a family, often one of the two is not working - whether they do not want to work or are not able to find work. There are still a lot of possibilities to mix with people. Here are a few suggestions: 


  • With small children, join a playgroup to get in contact with other parents. Apart from playgroups affiliated with Playgroup Australia, there are very likely many other playgroups in our area, run by churches or other community groups or even a group of local parents.


  • Do some voluntary work. There are lots of different volunteering experiences available. Volunteering Australia could be a start on how to find a volunteering opportunity, otherwise check the boards in your local library and the ads in the newspapers. 


  • Learn something you always wanted to do but never had the time. Check out courses in Adult Schools (e.g. WEA or TAFE in SA). Whether it is experimental drawing, Indian cooking, history or learning to play an instrument, a lot of institutions have a huge range of fun and affordable part or full time courses. 


  • Join a sporting club. Find a club near you through the Australians Government Sports Commission website or just google what might be available close to you.


  • Although you probably did not come to Australia to meet Swiss people in the first place - it is nice to do so and it will help you settle down as you can discuss issues with people who faced the same questions. And even though you might not want to join a Swiss Club, the clubs might be helpful in establishing a contact between you and other Swiss people of the same age or similar situation (small children etc.).