Getting 4 wheels.


Where to buy

Buying a car is an expensive purchase so make sure you have all the information you need. The State Governments provide useful information: e.g. 'Buying a vehicle' in South Australia. 


Depending on your preferences, you can get a car through:

  • private sale
  • car dealerships
  • auctions

The main website for searching for a new or used car, from a dealer or private is Many people also try to sell cars via 'Gumtree', a popular local classified ads and community site (ads are free).


Additional costs

Be aware of additional costs and duties, e.g. payment of stamp duty, registration of the car in your name and compulsory 'third party insurance' (covers victims). Some states also ask for a 'Roadworthy Certificate'. The process and requirements are different in each state:


For damage of third party property and of your own car you you can get additional insurance. You might be able to get an insurance on the spot via your car dealer. Check for the 'cooling off period' in your contract - within this period you are able to cancel the insurance contract (no fees occurring) in case you walk into a better deal afterwards.  


Tipp: A 'Schadenfreiheitsbestaetigung/Confirmation no accidents' issued in english by your previous Swiss insurer may help to reduce your premium on the Australian Insurance. 


For road assistance a membership with an association like the RAA (Royal Automobile Association) might be helpful.