Swissness in Australia.

Having decided to move to Australia, you are most likely keen to soak up the Australian culture and getting to know the Australian way of life - and the 'Aussies'! 


Nevertheless, we frequently found it useful to know other Swiss in Australia, for both business and in private life. By joining a network or club you might be able to get in contact with people who went through the same issues as you are facing now. And then, after a few months, you might be craving a Rivella or a Kalbsbratwurst and can't find it in the Supermarket. Or you want to renovate your home and wish you could deal with someone who knows something about floor heating and proper insulation. 


In fact, there is a lot of Swissness in Australia. We aim to give you a good overview on this Website - just in case you need something Swiss in Down Under.